DRAGONFLY -Large trainer, Glider Tug, Aerobatic Sport Plane

Is it a trainer? is it a Glider Tug? Is it a Fun Aerobatic Sports plane?



The New Dragonfly is here and its 97 inches of Flying Fun!

This “New” design has a good pedigree – the Dragonfly was originally designed and built by Ray Jones and proved to be a such a good tug and all round workhorse that he was asked many times if it was available as a kit – and that’s where I came in…. Ray gave me his basic drawings and said “do what you like with it – it flies great as it is, but change anything you want ….” Well my adage is “it if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” so I kept to the overall shape of the design (which I really liked anyway) and simply redesigned it from the inside out to take advantage of the benefits of our 21st century technology in the form of CAD design and laser cutting.
The final model weighs in at just 15lbs with a 50cc engine up front. The model ready to fly (but without engine and radio) is about 9.5lbs so you can estimate the weight with your setup. I recon it would fly on a 25cc petrol, and up to about 80cc as a tug – my prototype has a 45cc and goes up like a rocket on that!
The Structure is all built up- but it doesn’t even need a plan to build it! – Everything is designed to “tag” together like a 3D jigsaw puzzle and self aligns as you build it. It is also designed to be a quick build model - I reckon that any normal modeller could build it in one week – and that’s from box to flying field!
I am offering this laser cut kit in 2 versions – the Standard kit at just £165 is everything to build the model, and the deluxe kit includes the sheeting pack and a strong fibreglass undercarriage at £200 (saving about £25 if you bought these separately)
I will try and upload some pictures – but meanwhile you can download the manual at