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Laser Cut Kits

Over the last 15 years Falcon has built up a name and a good reputation offering Laser Cutting and Design services

We have created many beautiful Laser cut Kits over the years - and new ones almost every month - have a look under the "Recent Projects" page or the "LaserCutting" page for some more.

The process of costing out and finalising a Kit can take some time which is why many of these have just remained as One-Offs for customers but I will try to get more listed here as time (and all the new projects) allows!

There are several levels of service we can offer....

Laser Cutting of your Plans

We can cut a kit from almost any plan - we can even re-design, enlarge or reduce the model for you. Here are some of the kits that we have done already and have "on file" for cutting (this is just a rough guide - I will update it as often as I can, but there I have over 4500 plans!)

Laser-cut short kits

we can produce Laser-cut short kits to order as one offs or as production runs for other companies to sell


Over the last 15 years we have created many large and giant scale models. Most of these were created as  one-off designs for a particular person although some have gone on to be produced in larger quantities such as our very successful Fourniers, Lancasters and most lately the Vulcans all of which now come in several sizes each


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